Undecided Case options

Hey guys, right now, I'm using these parts: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/LkL7.

Should I use this: http://pcpartpicker.com/part/zalman-case-z5 which is around $30.


Should I use the case in the original build, which is http://pcpartpicker.com/part/msi-case-tc128. This case costs about $32, after rebate.

So, what do you guys think is the better option between these? I'm using either one of these for a budget build.

Steel and plastic always seems flimsy to me. Thats just my opinion. I like cases that use all steel or steel/aluminium but no plastic. 

I see your price point though and its the sub 50 dollar catagory.

Try something like this http://pcpartpicker.com/part/antec-case-vsk3000

The zalman comes with more fanmounts, actual cable managment holes, and a gpu fan mount. I'd buy the zalman, and if the 200r ever goes on sale again i'd buy that.

How strict is your budget on the case? In that range I would go for an Antec One Hundred or a Three Hundred if you can get one for a good price.