Unboxing The Longest Journey

Skip the tl;dr for pictures below.

Recently My girlfriend and I went to my local hole-in-the-wall used game store with the intention of buying a few Gamecube games. I didn't expect them to have any PC games but they did have a little table set up. While sifting through old DOS games, Everquest expansions, and Doom 3 I stumbled across an unopened copy of The Longest Journey for $10. I remember it being one of Logan's recommendations it so I snagged it up without hesitation. Now I would like to share the unboxing with you all:






Open 1

Open 2

Open 3

Found this stamped on the cardboard. I have no clue what it means:

Cardboard stamp

Can't wait to play it!

Cardboard stamp

That's my daughter's name.

Anyway, never heard of the game before but I see it in a lot of The Tek and Inbox.exe videos. Let us know how it goes! :)