Unboxing #3: Genius Energy Mouse

Video review will come in about 1-2 weeks prior to this video

lol you should have edited out the actual unboxing. I hate the plastic shells everything comes in now. What does an instruction manual for a mouse say anyways.

I like having the raw footage of my epicness unboxing with mostly one hand. I usually leave the unboxing unedited

It probably wouldn't be as entertaining if you had. Unboxings tend to be boring. How is that mouse so far?

Been working real nice for me. I primarily got it for my laptop. I'll be testing to see how well it does with some gaming, video editing ETC

I don't get it, surely if you're using the mouse you're near enough to a computer to just charge your phone from the computer. I guess when you're not using it for mousing you can use it for charging.


Looks like I just figured it out, seems like a good idea :P

You can use it for both. Say you have a laptop with a very short battery life, and need to charge your phone and not near any outlet. What are you going to use? This mouse right here

I watched your Bluetooth headphone review the other day on youtube cause I was looking for a pair of neckband headphones and I didn't make the connection that it was you. Good review :)

LOL. Thank you! I do recommend those headphones for sure! Decent sound quality, and a very long battery life. They work well in the rain, snow and very hot/cold weather.