Unbalanced number of writes on raid drives

When I put my PC together well over a year ago I set up two Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1 TB drives to be configured together using RAID.

However, recently I just installed Samsung Magician (to diagnose a problem with another drive) but when I looked at the two 970 EVO Plus drives I notice that 1 had a total of 103 TB written while the other only had 5 TB written.

Is there a way (in settings someplace - but not physically) to ‘rotate’ them so the one that has the greater number of historical writes would in the future get the lower number of writes (and visa versa)?

Intuitively I find that odd, should they not both have the same number of bytes written?

Two questions for you:

You’re talking about raid1? How did you go about setting this up?

How sure are you that the drives are actually configured this way?

I found the same thing when I set up a HW raid1 with the onboard bios tool.

I never worked out a solution and moved on, but one drive did get like 10x the writes, probably in the same region of TBW as yours, the other closer to double the lesser drive.

They were only SATA, and had been physically rotated at least once, so I figure it was a issue with the way the software works.

(as in, I don’t have a fix, but am sure you are not alone; I moved to storage spaces, before ditching most windows)


When I look at it using MiniTool Partition Wizard it says it is mirrored

which according to this link
What is the difference between RAID and Mirroring? - Source Data Products.
is the same as RAID-1.

It has been quite a while since I set it up, I think I used the Partition Wizard software - I seem to remember it being quite quick to do. Normally I keep notes on that sort of stuff, but I don’t see any where I would normally keep them.

Edit: While I didn’t follow this video at the time the process described in it, I believe, was the one I followed: How to create a drive mirror in Windows 11 - YouTube