Unavailable - Fires in my area

Thanks mate, it seems that the worst is over for our area… we are standing down and getting back to our life (but still on the watch). Thank you everyone for your concern during this time! :smiley:


This is all caused by Android Studio!
Where’s the Thunberg girl when you need her?
All kidding aside, stay safe.
YouTube is offering the free movie “Frank Vs. God” when you are in a safe place an need to lighten the mood

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I can only speak from experience, but the one time last year my hometown had a fire nearby I couldn’t sleep and even had to go to the doctor because I was so worried about the fire and was constantly peeing (turned out I was just very nervous).

What I am trying to say with this, is that I hope you get some well deserved rest and let your mind be worry-less after some painstakingly hard days. You may not notice it outright, but events like this take a big toll on your body, both mentally and physically.