Unavailable - Fires in my area

This is just a quick post to let people know that my area is under threat from the bush fires approaching our town of Katoomba and my attention will be turned to getting my family to a safe location and defending my home. As we may lose power and internet services it may be some time before I am able to post another update or continue work on Looking Glass or the AMD reset issues.

For reference, here is the current fire front as of a few hours ago, this is 200km across.

Some photos I took of the fire last week when it started getting closer to Echo Point in Katoomba. Now we are under threat of the fires to the north.


Take care, stay safe!
I’m not sure I would want to enter into a fight with a huge forest fire, but as long as you&your family are safe, good luck man!

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Stay safe, man. It’s sad that this thread is even necessary. Family and you are more important than GitHub issues, JIRA tickets, video games, etc.

Hope it all works out.


Nothing has prompted this other then trying to keep those that are contributing financially to this work in the loop. I will try to post updates here when I can, but for now I need to get some rest, tomorrow is not going to be much fun. We are expecting high winds and temperatures as high as 39C


Ah, I misunderstood the context. I apologize (edited my response).

That’s rough, though. Hang in there. Hopefully we hear from you soon.

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The current state of things. I am right between those two fires at the pinch point.


Hi, I am from Spain, in my country there are a lot of fires just like in yours, and in August 2018 there was a fire near my hometown, just like yours. I can relate to you A LOT.

Couple of tips: Get yourself some Standard Particulate Respirators. Any type will do.

Secondly, listen and follow what the authorities ask you to do religiously. Do not get close to the fire just for the pictures, do not do anything that may harm your health.

This sucks to hear, but things can be replaced. Things can be remembering. But the best cure for your health is prevention.

I think you probably already do all of these things, so if I sound pedantic, I am sorry. As someone who has survived a Forest Fire that was burning less than a Km away from my hometown, I just don’t want you to fuck up and wish you the best.

Good luck mate. It’ll be fine.

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Seconding this. When there’s an active fire, wear them even if the air “seems fine”. There are going to be a ton of nasty particulates floating around for a while. The ones with the little exhale flap are going to be much nicer for wearing all day if you can get them. I wear the following all day during allergy season and when there are wildfires here on the US west coast, they’re a good mix between price and comfort.

I wish you the best.

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Can you do a controlled burn of some bushes nearby to halt the advance of fire near your home (as in within your property)? I guess there would be no firemen to help on this specifically now.

But in the future, maybe ask the fire department on how to do controlled burn to stop the spread of fire? Or if this is even advisable?

These fires are far larger than your every day bush fire. The resources of the entire country plus fire fighters from neighboring countries can’t contain these fires. It’s reached a point where you can only protect major centers and hope for favourable weather.

Thank you for your advice, I have also been through 3 other bushfires so far, so this is nothing new to me also. Just a matter of be smart, things can be replaced, and don’t be a hero.

I am already using a proper 3M respirator as I use them when I am painting, etc., thanks for the tip though.

Even if I did have an opportunity to do so, it would be highly illegal and would land me in Jail, the fire fighters are already doing controlled burns where possible and safe to protect the townships.

Indeed, I will be putting out embers, but if anything takes hold I will be leaving.


Stay safe out there! Wishing you and your family safety! :pray:t5:

According to the Rural Fire Service the fires seem to be easing, they got in as far as Black-heath and looks like part of the town was lost including some famous tourist attractions were lost, such as the Rhododendron gardens and several of the lookouts.

It’s still burning in the Grose valley heading our way but the progress has been slowed considerably. The air quality is the worst it has been so far, so not out of the woods yet, but things are finally looking better.

My home is the blue X, the red line is roughly where the fire front is at the moment. My neighbors and I spent a fair amount of time at around 1AM last night defending from embers that were blowing into our yards, thankfully nothing took and it has settled down.



Wow, looks like a war zone… :-/ Stay safe wherever you are!


Take care stay safe buddy.

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Weather has been calm all day so I went up to Blackheath and took some photos where I was able to access, much of the area is closed off still due to damage and/or fire fighters setting up suppression and safe zones in the area.

Evan’s Lookout, I was unable to go any further but had a chat with the fire fighters while they were refilling their truck.

This is at the top of Govett’s Leap road, again access is closed.

And one of the walking tracks… I had to call emergency services to come out when I stumbled upon this, only 500m from properties.


Fires are still getting closer to where I am, Monday is expected to be 37C with high NW winds. Green marks roughly where my home is.



Best of luck to you and everyone near you!


Stay safe. I read it’s heating up still :frowning:

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