Unallocated partition?

Installed a WD 3TB green in my PC and it came with to partitions. Have formated one of the them and made it 2 TB (that was the largest partition I was allowed to make), but I haven´t figured how to delete/merge the second partition. I want this disk to have only one partition - how do I do that on Windows 8?

Now I only get to use 2 GB of total 3 GB. The second partition just says "Unallocated". I´ve read in other forums that this just means that it is "not used yet", but that makes no sense since I´m not allowed to use it…

I run the OS on a 250 GB SSD and my purpose of the WD disk is to install games, music, etc.

I´ve just built my first gaming PC 15 years as a Mac user and console gamer, I´ve turned to Win 8. And things works slightly different on a PC than on a Mac, and this partition "problem" is easy to solve on a Mac, but I haven´t figured out on PC.

Well... did you convert the drive to GPT? GPT is needed so Windows can read a 3TB or higher disk.

Yep GPT that drive.

I see. Thanks for the tip, guys :)


Is a Green drive going to be fast enough for the gaming? And yes GPT any drive over 2.2Tb.

You can use a green drive for gaming but don't be surprised if it's really slow.  And I mean really slow.

They're a basic low power storage drive.  Blue is the bare minimum.  Black is the reccomended as gaming drives get alot of use, also 5 year warranty.

You get what you pay for really.