Unable to see other networked computers windows 10

I have a bit of a puzzle on my hands. Just setup a new Lenovo laptop for my dad. I was in the process of mapping the networked shared drives for him but for some reason the new laptop could not see the other computers but the other computers could see it.

I went and double checked that the network was set to “private” and that network discovery was turned on as well as “file and print sharing” were on. Failing that I then made sure that under windows features SMB 1.0/CIFS Files Sharing and SMB direct had a check mark by them in Windows features.The services Function Discovery Provider Host, Function Discovery Resource Publication, UPnP Device Host, and SSDP Discovery are all running and set to automatic. Even told it to reset the network adapters to see if that fixed it.

After all that when you click on “network” from file explorer the new laptop could only see one other computer on the network. However, in file explorer if you do \ in the address bar it is able to navigate to the shared folder on that computer just fine.

I am a bit perplexed as to why on the New Laptop I can navigate to the shared folders on computer using file explorer address bar but they don’t show up under “network” in the GUI. I am manually mapping the shared folders for my Dad as a stop gap solution but would like to be able to share a folder and not have to map it for him to be able to access it.

Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated.

Additional Info:

All computers are running Windows 10 64 Bit Pro (Fully windows updated)
All drivers are are up to date.
Router has been power cycled
Same Anti Virus on all computers (Bit Defender)
Services on all computers have been checked as well as SMB Enabled

I’m not sure if this well be of any use but I ran into a similar problem when I was trying to set up networking on my wife’s PC. She used her account email addy for her sign in to Windows so unless you actually type in the full email address for the user name Windows will fail to see the PC you’re trying to connect to.