Unable to save more than 1 theme. Windows 7

Hello everyone, I have one theme saved already and have it named "System Shock 2" but if I try to save another theme the wallpaper overwrites the wallpaper in the first saved theme. Here are two shots showing what I am talking about. First one shows saved theme 1. Second shows what happens when I save a new theme.



I assume I am doing something wrong. Can someone please tell me what that might be?


No one seems to have an answer on this anywhere I go  :/

I have never encountered that glitch before.  You're using the little "save Theme" thing in the bottom right of the theme chooser?  

Yes, I am.

Sorry i have never had this problem before. But I do agree with you about this website. People never answer your fucking questions or give advice unless you're their e-friend here or came from rtw.