Unable to navigate to portainer GUI in a browser

Apologies in advance, I’m unsure if this is the right place to post about issues or not. I didn’t want to post on the original guide as it was far over a year ago and activity on that post seems to have died down.

As a quick summary, I have been following this guide found here(I’m unable to post links, but it looks like you can navigate to it by just posting the ID of the guide), and I’m now unable to navigate to portainer:
ID for guide I have been following - 186444
Title - TrueNAS Scale: Ultimate Home Setup incl. Tailscale

I have managed to get through the majority of setting up portainer, but I am struggling with the very last steps. As you can see below, I have managed to set up docker engine and I’ve also managed to get portainer running, however I don’t seem to be able to navigate to the GUI in my browser to actually use it!

The ip should be, but after digging around it looks like portainer might be trying to use, is this normal? I have read this may be normal, but hopefully someone can clarify this for me.

I have also made sure to follow the guide exactly although when the guide mentions making the nfs mount permanent and adding the below to the end of a file, I was unable to navigate to that location within my Debian VM. I then rebooted, and the nfs mount was still there so I thought I was fine to push ahead. I have a feeling this is the part I messed up on, although if the nfs mount is still there after a reboot I thought all would work fine?

I’m really hoping this is something basic that I’m missing, please let me know any extra info that may be needed and I’ll do my best to reply asap. Again, apologies if this is not the place for working through issues like this!