Unable to Make Image File NOT Hidden

Can’t seem to make this image file not hidden. Any ideas?


Figured it out. Had to open the file in Paint, rename, and save to a new location. Didn’t even have to change the format.

Saving to a new location was the most important step, replacing the file would not cause a difference/make a solution.

It also so sounds like a permissions issue. I am sure saving the file fixed it too, but if you run into the error again see who Windows says is the owner and which users have full access permissions, etc.

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There’s no error message.

Right sorry, just a habit of saying whatever doesn’t go right as an error. If you ever run into the issue again, try to check the permissions. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the folder or program either. The software could be trying to write to the location as a separate user account. Not super common but it can happen.