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Unable to install Fedora


You can do a headless install.

Here is the guide from Fedora’s docs. Installing Using VNC

The reddit post I linked does it with VNC.

You should be able to do the same thing, if you have another machine you can run a VNC client on ( a chrome book, cell phone, old laptop, there are a few options ).


I am not familiar with RedHat nor Fedora, but this makes only a difference with the installation manager, like rpm, yum, apt, pacman, and portage. Also the installed versions may differ in some degree. Yeah, you can install an GUI for the 970, but there is a chance you will need to use a CLI to get there.

The Fedoraproject seems legit and offers small changes over the original downloads, and two ppl in this thread pointing to it, so I would check that out too. Maybe they have figured this out already.

Your Xorg.0.log seems old/odd to me. Nouveau driver gets loaded but has no support for GTX 9xx and above, as I have mentioned before.

Also you should be aware that you will get hard times to get the 2080 with fedora running. I think therefor you will need a rolling release, not a point release. But don’t get ahead of our self. You sill can vfio the 2080 to use as a VM I think.


You could also try a to install a VM on Windows and install Fedora in there to get comfortable with it.

With Windows you can also make about 20GiB room on a disc and do a dual boot with Linux and Windows. But when you do that make a copy of the MBR (master boot record) before installing a boot manager like grub or lilo.
dd if=/dev/sda of=mbr.backup bs=1M count=1
All things even harddrives are files in linux. In windows you get C: D: and so on, while in linux every thing is a file and harddrives are in the devices folder.
/dev/sda should be your main disc.


when you get the blinking curser and it wont let you type anything the gui is processing and may take a while.
do not take this to be a failure because running a distro live vs a full install is 2 different animals when it comes to performance.
to verify you are not having a kernel panic press the caps lock or the numlock key.
If they are turning of or on when the key is pressed its just in a processing mode.
if they do not respond to the key press or they are flashing off and on without key press then you are in a kernel panic state .


Hi, here is an update:

I‘ve downloaded one of the ISO’s lostmoon posted, removed my 2080, and was finally able to install Fedora!

After installing a NVIDIA driver and reinstalling the 2080, everything works great now.

Thank you all for so much help!


Lucky you :sunny:

just curios, what version of nvidia drivers you using ?

nvidia-settings --version


Just for the record, these updated Fedora install images show up about every two weeks and incorporate all package updates since release day for that version. Since Fedora updates are abundant, including regular kernel upgrades, this saves time and you stand a better chance of a fresh installation supporting new hardware.


@LostMoon Thanks for the explanation!

@Suleiman I‘ve installed version 415.27