Unable to host games on Starcraft Broodwar (Help me!)

Such an old game but I would like to play it and host games on it, but it just won't let me for some reason. I used to be able to host games way back then (4+ years ago, different ISP, different computer, windows xp)

I have tried:

  • Single Port forwarding UDP/TCP 6112
  • Range Port forwarding UDP/TCP 6112-6119
  • DMZ + windows firewall off + router firewall off
  • Making sure everything "Starcraft" is all allowed in the windows firewall
  • Turned off anti-malwarebytes off completely
  • Running game as admin

And it still doesn't let me host. I don't understand what's blocking the port. I would really like some insight on this from anyone somewhat knowledgeable in networking.

It doesn't seem like my router is the issue here... (I've successfully port forwarded for other games). Something must be blocking the port or the game on my computer.

But if I turned off anti-malwarebytes & windows firewall, what in the world could it be?

ugh.. little help would really be appreciated.

Windows 7 64 bit
ISP: TekSavvy (Canada)
Router: Linksys WRT54GL (Firmware Version: v4.30.14)


I've managed to figure out my problem after 2 days of messing around. Turns out I had on top of my router a second router that was used to connect phones, so I had to log into that and DMZ to my actual router.

I've posted on multiple tech forums about this, doesn't seem like anyone has the answer. Such a mystery...