Unable to Boot Into Recovery on Minno 10 Android Tablet

The title says all. I am trying to get into the recovery menu, I've tried volume down plus the power button, home+power button, but the funny one is I do the volume up + the power button, nothing happened. I don't know if it's a corrupt recovery on it or not.

Have you tried getting into it via adb? The command for that would be:

adb reboot recovery

You'd obviously need appropriate drivers and ADB working, as well as USB debug mode enabled on the device.

Problem is that that, ADB isn't picking up my tablet

Is it not recognized at all? Or is there an error. The only reason I can think of that ADB wouldn't recognize a device at all is because you don't have the device drivers installed.

I installed the ADB drivers. Though I went to the manufacturer's site and all they had was the manuals

Have you ever been able to boot into recovery at all prior to this?

Just once. But never had any options