Un-rooting My HTC One M7


Not long ago I rooted my HTC One M7 which didnt really work as the root file was the wrong version, however my phone still has the TWRP custom recovery on it.

I have been looking to un-root my phone as i don't really want to have to deal with the hassle of manual updates, so I have an idea of how to do it but im not sure whether the RUU file has to be the same version as what the phone should be running, or could I just grab the Kit Kat RUU and install that one.

Maybe someone could shed some light on it, thanks in advance and sorry for the massive post.


I think you need the RUU for your carrier unless your M7 is unlocked then you need to get the RUU for the unlocked device. But read up on some un-rooting guides to verify this.

thanks, ye ive found a my carrier version of the RUU, which is O2, but im not sure whether the RUU needs to correspond with you current android version.


I don't think it does, it should overwrite everything and then you OTA back to the latest version

Okay thanks for the info :)