Ummm... 0 degrees?

I just build my computer and I ran Core Temp and all my cores are at 0 degrees. This is wrong and I don't know how to fix it :/


I'm using an A10-5800k

Try a different programme such as CPUID hardware monitor


Depends on your motherboard and if the program can detect it's sensors. I've used Realtemp pretty successfully on a variety of different motherboards so give that a shot as well as the CPUID one suggested above and see which one works.

I've noticed that AMD sensors are pretty bad. My FX6350 idles anywhere from 7C to 25C but load temps are pretty consistant @ 55-57C


Try a different program, This helped me a little but if the sensor isn't too good the application won't help.

Ya i had an issue like that with one of my motherboards no mater the program i used it didnt read it and even in bios it would tell me its running at like 2c. So i ended up just returning mine stating it was defective.