Ultrawide vs dual G-sync monitor

I feel like it’s time to throw my 32" Samsung TV in the bin and get a proper gaming monitor to let my 1080 TI stretch its legs…

My question is, what is your thoughts regarding a single 34" ultrawide 1440p monitor vs a 27-28" 1440p main monitor and a 1080p 24" as a secondary monitor?

What’s the smart buy these days if you want a solid G-sync monitor?

As much as I love my ultrawide I would recommend dual monitors over a single screen for any setup.

Which monitors though? Not my call, I don’t keep up with them.

I have a 1440p and a 1080p and it drives me insane. Nothing lines up, nothing is the same size, things change size when going between screens… If it was up to me, I would say ultrawide all day.

Two more points:

  1. Two screens will leave a bezel and that’s gross
  2. One big screen will be less of a load on the GPU. 3360x1440 = 4,838,400 pixels while 2560x1440 + 1920x1080 = 3,686,400 + 2,073,600 = 5,760,000. So one screen has 921,600 less pixels, very roughly 15% less. Less pixels to push means more FPS (normally)
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I have an ultrawide and a 1080p secondary monitor. After going ultrawide I will not be going back, gaming is just better with it.


So maybe i should go with an ultrawide and an old ipad on a movable mount for Skype/Spotify/misc other crap that might be handy then… 'cause i’m not sure i have the desk space for a full size secondary monitor on my desk besides a curved monstrosity…

That is a very good point, I have 2 desks so I can put my second monitor and tower on the 2nd one. Main desk for the ultrawide and mic arm. Are you more interested in gaming or productivity?

I find ultrawides great for gaming but 2 normal monitors are probably better for pure productivity. Also note that Netflix doesn’t support 21:9 aspect ratio, so movies that would normally be 21:9 have black bars still. Amazon Prime Video supports it with some videos but unfortunately the only reliable way to get good 21:9 movie support is the pirate route.