Ultrawide Monitors

hey guys,

Looking at ultrawide monitors, i currently have 4 24 inch 1080p monitors. Looking at adding a ultrawide to the mix.

I am crossed on weather i should get a 34 inch or a 29 inch. The 29 will be the same height as my current monitors so it will match up pretty well as far as size. The 34 on the other hand will just over all be bigger and that has it benefits. Looking to see what other people would do.

My current setup is all 4 monitor on my desk side by side. The 2 Ideas I have for the ultrawide are to put it on a tall stand and have it above my current setup or ditch 2 of my current monitors and have the ultrawide between the other 2.

Right now in my head the 29 makes the most sense it would most likely look cleaner and I have always liked 24's over 27's just because it is harder to fit 4 27's on a desk the same applies to the 29.

The 34 tho just looks so nice. My local best buy had 2 34inch dell's setup and it was really nice to play with.

The 34 is a deal at costco it is an LG 60hz (75 with free sync, but nvidia GPU so yeah) (http://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-34UM61-P-ultrawide-monitor)

The 29 is from best buy it is 75Hz i do play games a bit so this is nice.

The 29 is $150 cheaper always nice to save money.

Thanks for any idea or any where that has good deals. my max budget is $300 at the moment.

I'd go with the 29" in your situation - the extra 15Hz will be nice for games, and personally, I tried and couldn't stand the height difference with one of my screens...

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I use the Microboard M340C-....


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That is more or less what I should have asked the 29 adn my 24's are almost the same height i think it is 1/4 inch if that off.

I was looking a few of these. I would like one, just like you said not in the budget.

Think I just gonna go with 29 inch it is on sale today for $209.