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Wanting to upgrade my ultra wide. Well actually buy a bigger one use the current one as a secondary screen (Possibly in portrait mode). I know I want 34" and preferably 1440p. But I got a few issues. I have the Freddie Desk from Ikea, so I can fit a monitor 51" wide, 11" deep, and 19.5" tall. Some 34" ultra wides are a bit too tall. Im open to other suggestions as well. Would like to stay around $600 if possible, I might need to buy a monitor stand for my current ultrawide if I need to put it in to portrait mode. Looks like VA panels are a bit cheaper. I know they dont have the viewing angles of IPS, but are they as bad as TN? I had a laptop with a TN panel and wanted to gouge out my eye. Trying to figure out if going with the VA panel with the higher refresh rate is worth it, or should I stick with the IPS panel with the 60 Hz refresh rate?

Use cases, will be used with my MacBook Pro, gaming PC and Plex server. So its needs to have at least 3 inputs.

Below are the monitors I found that should fit.

  1. https://www.amazon.com/LG-34WN80C-B-inch-Connectivity-Compatibility/dp/B07YGZ7C1K/ref=psdc_1292115011_t2_B0812DKDD9?th=1
  2. https://www.amazon.com/Monoprice-Zero-G-Curved-Gaming-Monitor/dp/B07SH173T9/ref=sr_1_22?dchild=1&qid=1609800927&refinements=p_n_size_browse-bin%3A3547808011%2Cp_n_feature_fourteen_browse-bin%3A17751789011%2Cp_n_feature_thirteen_browse-bin%3A17751774011%2Cp_72%3A1248879011%2Cp_36%3A-60000%2Cp_n_condition-type%3A2224371011&rnid=2224369011&s=pc&sr=1-22
  3. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/gigabyte-34-led-ultrawide-wqhd-freesync-monitor-with-hdr-hdmi-displayport-black/6437138.p?skuId=6437138


Found this as well. I do own some acer panels and they have been good to me over the years. This one is IPS, 1ms, and has free sync, plus its 75 hz.

I narrowed it between two monitors.

The LG:https://www.amazon.com/LG-34WN80C-B-inch-Connectivity-Compatibility/dp/B07YGZ7C1K/ref=psdc_1292115011_t2_B0812DKDD9?th=1

The Acer:https://store.acer.com/en-us/monitors/prosumer-cb2-monitor-cb342ck-csmiiphuzx

Im leaning towards the LG. Yeah it has a 60hz refresh rate, but the reviews on Amazon seem to be a bit better. Ascetically it goes with my desk and my other monitor.

  • lg 10 bit mode and no hdmi 2.1… but why? :crazy_face: … $$549
  • acer straight up mogs it at $379… (obviously clearing out old hdmi 2.0 stock)
    save money for cpu upgrade

Not looking for a CPU upgrade Dude. I dont game like that any more. I do have a few things I do play. Gaming is not 100% the priority here. I want a bigger screen simple as that. I have a $600 budget to make that happen.

The acer does what the lg does with no discernable differences. Save your money for ________ (I need new truck tires, maybe more storage) I can’t justify the expidenture for that much money… dude :wink:

Thanks for no help.

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