Ultimate Ubuntu 20.04 Drive Copy Solution

Hi All,

I have to copy terabytes of data from a NAS to individual drives. The computer is running Ubuntu 20.04 and as per many complaints all over the web, the drive copy is very slow.

Does anyone have a steadfast way of setting up USB 3 on Ubuntu so the drives copy at 120mb/s or whatever the drive will do consistanty?

I’m thinking about getting a couple of Startech PCIe USB 3 cards and seeing what that does but the Tech Support from Startech couldn’t recommend that as their testing ended with Linux 4.9.xx, not the current 5.10.xx that’s currently running.


As long as the driver was upstreamed in the mainline kernel, their support should be irrelevant.

Does the system not have USB3 ports already? If it does, then you should be plug and play with most USB adaptors. Just be careful of some of the dongles that support UAS as not everyone implements the spec correctly.

Is this a one time thing or will you be doing this routinely. If it is a one time thing, then who cares how long it will take?

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Rsync is yo friend!!!


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The system does have USB 3 ports but has soon as 2 drives are transferring, the transfer speeds are abysmal.

Also now everything I’m copying to the drives are corrupted. I have no idea how or why this is happening.

What the heck are you doing? Copying files on Ubuntu is a matter of rsync -r source/ target/. When your data is corrupt after that either your source is corrupt, your target is corrupt or you have significant memory errors that corrupt the data during the copy process. You are also not giving us much to work with here. You basically say it is not working and we have to guess the rest.

My totally wild guess. Your source is an old NAS that has a failing drive and your copy speed tanks because the NAS is trying to error correct. Or you did not setup error correction and now you get corrupt data because the data is already corrupted on the NAS.

We are transferring Terabytes of Data from a new Unraid system ( you are correct it is a NAS ). The drives are new, the hardware is new. Its connected to the Ubuntu computer via 1gbit switch.

We are copying data into the NAS, and out of the NAS onto portable drives for a film festival. The projector reads the drive and verifies checksums on the file. They have to match or the projector rejects the file.

I don’t think it has anything to do with the NAS as I can copy directly to the Ubuntu hard drive from the source drive and then copy onto the portable transport drive and the corruption happens.

That means that they share the same bus. So only copy one drive at a time then?

Are the files encrypted on compressed. Otherwise, that should not be possible. Use something intelligent like rsync, it is your Friend and it is the inspiration for RoboCopy in MS Windows land.

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