Ultimate Father's Day PC Guide

He put up with all your shit all these years so time to pay up, this is my PC buyers guide for Father's day.  These basic use desktops are not meant for gaming or editing, just basic use and won't need to be upgraded for basic use for years to come.  If you DO need one that is suited towards Editing or Gaming just make a forum post under build a PC and include in the Name "Father's Day Rig" and I'll get to you when I see it


In Honor of my dad.

Basic Use Desktops

$300 Desktop

$400 Desktop

$500 Desktop

$600 Desktop

Sexy HTPCs

$350 HTPC

$450 HTPC

$550 HTPC

$650 HTPC

$750 HTPC


Gaming Desktops

$350 Gaming Desktop

$450 Gaming Desktop

$550 Gaming Desktop

 $650 Gaming Desktop

$750 Gaming Desktop (not a good CPU OC board, HS is meant for silence, should reach 4GHz though)

$850 Gaming Desktop (not a good CPU OC board, HS is meant for silence, should reach 4GHz though)

as far as the Gaming rigs go, you can replace the MoBo with this one for increase overclockabilty, front USB3 header, and SATA 3 for the SSDs

if you want to make it snappy add a 128GB SSD for 100 more,

Nice compilation - good job.

nice job, very imformative and helpful

Why an APU in a 600$ build?


because those weren't gaming builds those were basic use builds for gennerally everything, they have a multi core CPU for multitasking, a GPU for GPU accelerated applications such as web browsers, youtube, HD content and what not, and SSDs for snappy booting and applicatioin launchs, I'd say they could handle something like LoL too

this is a build for your dad something special he won't have to upgrade for years for his purposes, for his purposes, its the best of the best, top of the line, not some cheap E-Machine a that's slow from day one and he'll have to replace every so often, try achiveing that with something at walmart

:UPDATE: Finished HTPC and Gaming portion


Good job, I like it.

"hey dad i got you a gaming pc. you can play far cry and bioshock whenever you want now!!"

"thanks son ive always wanted to be able to play videogames just like you and your friends!"

ive never known fathers to be real big gamers.


We are out there, who do you think played pong 

well that's why I included a variety of types to choose from, originally I was just doing basic use but skull suggest I do Gaming and HTPCs as well, so there should be one for any price range and any style/type

Updated: everything is up to date including deals, there has been some price drops so I'd hurry up and get on those deals if you want it by sunday

Nice.  Good builds.