Ultimate C++ Compilation Machine Decisions

So I’m trying to select the components for my next desktop, I don’t game, and I’m mostly concerned with compilation performance on windows. I develop very large c++ projects so I’m wondering which setup would be best from the following options:

Dual Epyc 7351
Threadripper 2990 WX
Core i9-9980XE

I found techgage did some compilation benchmarks that might interest you.

This is C and not C++, but it should be decently similar in performance. The dual Epyc system would probably beat both in compile times, but the 2.9GHz clock might make other tasks feel a bit sluggish.

If it were my money, I’d probably go the 2990wx route with one caveat: some applications don’t play nice when you push windows to 64 cores. Wendell did a video on this phenomenon.

I’ve seen that, and that’s what made me post here. There isn’t a lot of comparison with the dual epyc’s though is what I’m mostly curious about. Something tells me the two cpus, with each having more direct access to their caches would outperform a single one.

AnandTech just posted this: