Ultimate 1440p 144hz Gaming Rig. Do we need 4k?

EDIT: IDK why I made this post I am going to ignore it after the 13th of May 2015.

What would be the best system for gaming at 1440p 144hz on high demanding games? Would we have to wait for the 390x and 980 ti? I think it is interesting that there are monitors made, but the systems can not fully saturate their specs on high demanding games. I made a list of some components that might make the ultimate 1440p 144hz gaming rig (with some extras for streaming and video editing) http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2qN7Bm
At 7k (maybe 6 if you make it for pure gaming) it is really expensive. Another point I would like to make is perception of resolution. I can perceive higher FPS more than a higher resolution. Wondering if anyone else has experienced the same. I think my current 1080p monitor is good enough and if a focus I can pick up pixels, but not in gameplay. I think at 1440p this would be even better, but do we need 4k? At 4x 1080p is it viable for the visual experience vs 1440p? Not to mention if some one wants a 120/144hz refresh. And with panels that are IPS 1440p 144hz I don't think 4k 60hz is worth it for gaming. I do think it is a good thing for work space. What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance for replying.

EDIT: IDK why I made this post I am going to ignore it after the 13th of May 2015.

If you want the fastest PC possible I think it's pretty darn obvious the case needs go faster stripes on it.


I thought it was carbon fiber, or is that on the inside? XD

dosen't three way sli loos a lot of performance. when it comes to 4k I have seen in a lot of games the ui tends to be very small making it hard to see. 1440p I have found to be a nice middle ground.

sorry not loos performance but the performance gains aren't very significant

i dont realy see the whole point of this topic?
Are you looking for advice on building a new pc or not?

Yeah maybe like 30% gains for the 3rd card as opposed to a 50% gain over 2 way. That equates to 86% of the scaling efficency for the third card over 2 way. So not bad. Depends how much you need the extra Frames. I think scaling generally is better at lower frame rates.

Well I get distracted easy and this post went from a build to a question. EDIT: I moved post to hardware to make it more generalized I hope this fixes some confusion.

In some cases you can loose performance, but for SLI 2 or 3 will get you best performance. A fourth does not do much of anything.

I'm not sure that case can handle that much hardware. Maybe add water cooling since money doesn't seem to be an issue.

And forget about those puny in-case radiators and just get 1-2 of these:

Yeah, probably find that generally speaking for games that really need the extra GPU, that they will be the games that have the good SLI profiles with good scaling to support it, i.e. crysis 3.

Or Tomb Raider

@Jacobite @shadowvengence22 yeah that does make sense. Also I was not going to buy this lol. I just put this in a wrong area. I was speaking more in general terms, with a question mostly concerning the 4k hype, because I don't get it.

Make a closet PC with 20 of those XD put like a bunch of delta fans and sound dampen the shit outa that and just have long ass cables XD
I am sure that the case can handle it, I am not sure if it can well. anyways thanks for the laugh with that rad, never seena single one that hardcore.

carbon fiber does make it faster XD
all jokes

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Yes go a local imax that is showing a 4k film. Get a seat in the first 6 rows and then when you go to the restroom pause for a second in the aisle as you are walking out to see the huge difference. Then come back to this thread and explain how it is noticeable.