UK users - Digital Rights

Incase anyone missed it the home secretary, Amber Rudd is making some outlandish claims about encryption and how tech companies should put back doors in it.

Basically WhatsApp is in the frame because the security services can't read the messages.

If her misguided talk bothers you I suggest you get yourself onto the ORG mailing list.

There might be other groups also trying to keep a lookout on our digital rights but other than the odd Lib Dem or Green party speech I've not seen much.


All I can say is this is utter bullshit.
Time and time again terrorists and criminals are providing two things A - its easy to avoid detection, B - Mass surveillance does not work.
While yes I totally agree terrorists using this system is a bad idea, but really should we compromise the security of millions of others, from businesses to activists to people stuck in oppressive countries, I think not.
Instead of also hunting people like Snowden they should be working with them.

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