UK Snoopers Charter - VPN advice

So as some of you know the snoopers charter in the UK has been passed.

This annoys me on many levels but besides the political issues it invades everyones right to privacy.

So im looking for any advice on which VPN is best, and also if i connect to a UK hosted VPN would it be pointless as they will still come under the same snoopers charter laws.

My current network has around 20 devices, and im also hosting a teamspeak server along with an ftp server.

My connection is 330/20 and i would like to keep as much of the speed when using the vpn, I also want to know if setting the vpn router side is better so all devices go through the vpn, or if setting it up device by device is the better option.

The main thing is keeping the latency on the teamspeak server as low as possible.

I would suggest implementing encryption natively on teamspeak to secure the chat instead of pushing that through a vpn tunnel, as latency and IP addresses are going to get weird. As for VPN's for the rest of the devices, pick one that's hosted in a close but less surveillance heavy country. Idk of any in particular for the region being a US resident, but I would just google around and see what's popular / hopefully someone else can give more specific suggestions :P

For TS3 Encryption:

Voice Encryption is optional and can be configured in the Edit Virtual Server -> Security Section. Options are: Configure per Channel, Always on, Always off. If the first Option (per Channel) is chosen you can enable / disable it for each channel in the Edit Channel -> Advanced Section.

I can't tell you much about the UK side of things but Private Internet Access is excellent, and I do know they have servers over there. have 100 Mbps and I get full speed from that, most of their servers allow gigabit so you should be fine.

Also you can setup your router, depending on your brand, to send all data through your PIA account. And, if you do the above, you can put your TS3 server on a DMZ.

i use pia and they have good encryption and speeds and no longs. you can set them up at a router level with something like pfsense and my asus router supports it. i have stress tested it with my 100 down connection and got 110-120 for most of the time and the lowest it went was 90 with a second pc streaming a movie and the stream was perfect.

I use goldenfrog vyprvpn. They offer gigabit and no data cap.
Minimal logs kept during billing cycle (SRC IP, VPN IP, bytes of data used).

I use it for playing on public game servers and torrents.

I'm in the UK too, my broadband is ADSL (so dire) but through PIA I don't lose that much speed. On LTE on the go or at home again, it isn't much of a speed drop.

They have a severs in London and Southampton, so two to choose from if ever one went down.

Mac, Linux and Windows apps as well as being able to be installed at router level which is probably easier but I use the apps as I'm on the road a lot. Good pricing structure too.

Thanks for the info thecaveman, I luckily already have encryption turned on teamspeak side of things, I enabled it on all chat channels as well.

Also thanks for the info Yockanookany, fredrich_nietze, SudoWolf and raz0rblade

I must admit PIA does come highly recommended most of the time so I think this will be first port of call, Also like the sound of goldenfrogs features so might see how PIA goes and use that as a backup.

In regards to the setup I do have one of the higher end asus routers that does allow me to input the VPN details there directly, and I assume setting up the teamspeak server with a DMZ and decent firewall settings on that machine will bypass the VPN and allow it to use my normal ip, as thecaveman pointed out it would become a nightmare for us all to connect with the ever changing ips of a VPN.

Also thanks again for all your input, this is still the best forum for advice and will be coming back regularly to contribute now wendel is at the helm.

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