[UK] Port Forward in the UK with the ISP provided router, attempting to share Emby

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Please be warned, this is being written by someone with limited knowledge…be nice :slight_smile:

Soooo, I’ve been fiddling with something…no not that, VPN’s.

I have one wish, I have Emby (on TrueNAS) and I’m quite happy with it. I use it to store personal videos and I’d quite like to share them with my parents. I get a little frustrated that at the moment, if I want to share a video without going round there (a 15minute walk), my mum will get it on her phone as a youtube link or similar. I want them to both see it on their TV screen and not a little phone screen.

Originally I used Plex and it magically did things, I was fine with that so long as it was reasonably secure. Emby is different and no matter how I try with “emby connect”, I can’t get it to work. I admit to not focusing on the matter and not really putting a great deal of effort into it - so don’t on my part! :slight_smile:

One roadblock is my router, here’s the port forwarding options for a UK ISP provided device:

Now, I do have 2 spare devices that I’ve yet to use…after owning for…ummm, 6 months. I have a USG and a standalone modem. I’m sure that if I were to use them, I could get it working well enough. The only thing is that my parents also have a basic ISP provided router - I do have a spare Raspberry Pi now if at all helpful.

So that’s it really, any comments welcome! :+1:

P.S. I’m keen on PFSense, so that’s always an option.

I’m not saying it is a Good idea, but if you plugged the pi in to their house, and use TailScale or something to set up a wireguard tunnel from your nas, to their pi, then no worries about local isp playing up?
But, I wouldn’t have a clue once it is plugged in and a bridge established. I presume you could run nginx to proxy requests back to your house?

Is that the kind of thing you were thinking?


Hey, I like the sound of that :+1: I did have a fiddle with TailScale, but didn’t persevere as much as I should have. I’ll give it another go with the Pi and investigate how to bridge. Thanks for the direction :+1:

I’ll read up and if all else fails, I might come back to the L1 forum for yet more help! :laughing:

I don’t recognize the brand of your ISP’s router from the UI but I feel like the “Manage games and applications” button on that page is what you’d use to setup custom port forwarding rules. It will likely allow you to add an entry to the drop down list. Then you can map that custom application to a device.

As @Trooper_ish already mentioned you could create a tunnel but personally I’d try for a less complicated setup first if possible. A pi at your parent’s house will just be one more device that you have to maintain. Does your parents public IP change on a regular basis? If not consider forwarding the port only to their IP address (port forwarding rule and/or firewall on embry jail). Maybe I’m just lazy but that’s what I’d try first. :slight_smile: