UK PC PS4 Equivalent

Along with some other points I was going to point out in a certain PS4 thread that got locked. I demonstrated what could be built in the UK.

PS4 currently retails at £350 ($572) now let's bear in mind that Sony (and this is a well known fact) is selling the console at a loss. The cost to produce is higher than that of what they sell it for. They are making the money from the game licensing (blah blah won't go on anymore)

So let's say they are cutting costs by around £100. For £425 I bring you this BUILD

Now let's do a quick comparison. (Excuse the rudimentary basics of this I am doing this very quickly)


  • 8 core APU clocked at 1.6Ghz
  • 8GB of GDDR5
  • 1152 Stream processors (actually has 1280, however they are disabled**)
  • 500GB HDD

PC for £425

  • Athlon II x4 750k Quad core at 3.4Ghz (with tinkering capabilities)
  • 8GB of DDR3 2133Mhz
  • AMD R9 270x (1280 Stream processors, non disabled OFC)
  • 2TB HDD

Okay, yes the PC does look like its only just drawing level with the PS4. 

"But it costs more than the PS4 so therefore its SHIT" (excuse my French)

Well yes, I agree. It does cost more. However, one requires some games to play on said Console or PC. Console games run you around £40 - £60 in the UK. So the console already cost £410 just to play a single game. However on the PC, you have access to Free To Play games, like TF2, and also any emulators you may have around. Also Steam always has lots of sales on and games are cheaper. (Plus many games get a second-life on PC due to modding)

So I guess to take away from this. Yes you maybe taking a slightly increased upfront cost, however think of the long term. The PC does work out cheaper in its whole lifespan. And yea that's a console equiv and comparison for anyone in the UK


**About the disabled stream units. Its unknown if this is due to product yeilding (like with PS3 and its 1 thread disabled) or if they plan to enable it later on with a system patch.

EDIT: OH GAWD IM DUMB: I may have forgotten to include a windows OS into that price. But you can still use many emulators and play lots of games on linux....which is free....sooooo....Yea....

PS. I'm not looking to start an argument, just demonstrating what can be done in the UK.

Everyone forgets the OS. somebody will probably say there is no reason to include a OS in a comparison of a PC vs console because your not going to get any serious gaming done on linux and it seems people think that everyone has thousands of copys of windows just lying around there house for no reason.


You didnt specify what CPU it is, simply saying quad core 3.4 GHz isent enough info. For instance the athlon 750k meets that specification and costs 80$ while a 4670k also meets those specifications and costs 225$

if you need a gaming pc that is cheaper than a console in uk than you should buy this. this will run bf4. the 7870 is the same as a 270x and the cpu is awesome. look at the video from austin evans, he has a build with a 270x and a 750k. he runs bf3 really really good and the 270x runs bf4 on high at 50-60fps on 1080p. but you have to pay £40 each year. so you can add £120 to the £400 = £520. with this you can make a awesome pc like this: this pc will run bf4 on ultra 1080p 50fps for sure. and it is the same price as a ps4 with 3 year online. and yes psplus has some nice things like play a game for 2 weeks for free but steam summer sale....

Now let's do a quick comparison. (Excuse the rudimentary basics of this I am doing this very quickly)

And I do provide a link to a detailed build.

I think the 7850 gives a really good performance equivalent to the PS4. In all honesty, the 7870 and 270x probably beat the PS4.

This is a build I did for a friend. She needs wifi and I am donating RAM to her.

If you take the wifi module out and put a 4GB stick of RAM in, you'll get a gaming system than costs the same as the PS4 launch price. And very competitive in terms of visual quality and frame rate.

If you need to add an OS, that's gonna be the same cost as Playstation mulitplayer membership. So you're not really at a loss.

the 7850 isn't bad if you take the 2gig model. 2x8gb is really cheap atm so don't get 1x4gb.