UK Import Duty & VAT calculator

Not sure which forum would be the best for this.

I've been looking at getting one of those South Korean Xstar monitors off of eBay, but was worried about import duty and VAT bumping to price to make it less worth the hassle. Anyway I was point to this calculator site.

Pretty handy but it isn't free, although you do get 10 free calculations.

Here's the result for a monitor valued at £210. That has free shipping, it'll cost more if you have to add shipping and insurance.

Total value: £210

Duty : £29.40

VAT: £47.88

Total Duty: £77.28

Total £287.28

Your calculations seem a bit off.

Duty is typicaly 20-22% (depending on product usually) and if you are purchasing off of ebay you will not be charged VAT as price includes VAT and the purchase is made outside of the country.

However you may also be charged VAT on the Duty tax.

On what you get charged is not really stated and is always changing.

I'd look at these two sources and try and work it out.

If your package undergoes an inspection, Customs will charge you extra for delivery services. Can cost £40+

Duty on monitors is only 14%, just talked to a guy at HMRC as I'm thinking of getting one of these monitors.

Oh thats not too bad. But that is just the duty, maybe liable to other charges though.

Yep, they do have a way of adding on charges!

Royal Mail are the worst, by far. 

As I live in France, import taxes are free on most electronics, but the VAT is like 20%. I too was looking at that today and thought I would contribute.

I will admit I haven't looked into the taxes. My post is solely the results of the calculator. We could do with someone with first hand experience of importing one of these monitors off ebay.

Mind you it isn't a bad ball park figure.