Uk cost problems with first build

Hi Logan and the Tek Syndicate team,

I am looking at either building my own rig or buying a custom made one for around £800 ($1250). However, there is one issue, I live Wales in the UK. I was hoping for a similar rig to your honeybadger but in the UK £800 can only get me a gtx 650 (possibly a ti), 8gb 1600Mhz ram, no cpu cooler, and no ssd. $1250 would get me close to the same rig as the honey badger.

So my question is, are there any American companies that make custom built computers that would ship them to the UK, or are there any other alternatives?

Thanks for any help,


Order the parts from America have them shipped there and build it yourself (Might cost alot for shipping).

You can try ordering from the US but it whont be cheaper as soon as the parts arive in the UK thay will be held antill you pay DUTY TAX and VAT on them.

Do you know of any US companies that custom build computers then that might ship to the UK?


NCIX does

Do you know of any other sites? NCIX doesn't have the motherboard I was looking for.