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[UK] Build log for new Office Building (Planning Application in)


I finally put the Planning Application in last week, fingers crossed it’ll go through smoothly. Here’s the floor plan, it’s changed a bit because of various things

I’m having Office 1, I think that’s fair as I’m building it :slight_smile:

Ideally I’m going to put computers in the Storage room, but this may be needed for garden stuff. To start with it’ll just be a normal tower next to / under desk.

I also thought about a different design if needed, gives me smaller office but loads of storage…not too keen on that as I’ll be in the office at least 4 days a week.



Could use this as an excuse to splash on industrial looking windows/doors.



It would be a good idea, as it would also suggest there’s not much worth nicking…hopefully!



Oh and thanks to whoever put it in the right category :clap:

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