UK anti-piracy campaign set to begin

"People in the UK who persistently pirate music and movies will soon start getting emails warning them that their actions are illegal."


"Starting next year, up to four warnings annually will be sent to households suspected of copyright infringement.

But if people ignore the warnings, no further action will be taken."

OK so whats the point?


It's because the Conservative Government want to be seen actively combating piracy. Right now the mpaa and riaa and the UK equivalents haven't seen through the this weak legislature. Once they will be even stronger laws to try and combat this. However our isp's don't want to do any of this willingly so they have be forced by the law to do it which sucks. I think it was more of a compromise between the government and some isp's. So in conclusion use a VPN.

Yea, VPN is the way at the moment, until they start to buy them off

Another drain on tax payers, brilliant.