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Ufw.log on Linode has no ipv6 addresses

I took up the Linode challenge, and I’ve set up and hardened my cheap VPS according to the guide. ssh access is great, via IPv6 or IPv4.

I’m getting about 100 MiB a week of compressed log entries in /var/log, with fail2ban and ufw running, allowing only ssh. I’m curious that the ufw log has no IPv6 addresses; fail2ban has only the entries that I caused by deliberately botching an IPv6 ssh session. Do the script kiddies not use IPv6, or is it too hard?

Could I avoid the all the logging by only allowing IPv6? (I use PIA when I need a VPN, and they are IPv4 only last time I checked.)

That may have something to with ipv6 address space being much larger (2^96 times larger) . So while you can actually scan the entire ipv4 address space in a few hours, you can’t just brute force the entire ipv6 space.