UFO's on USB devices?

So it's come to my attention there are unidentified file objects on USB devices. From the "Easy" button that works off USB to even USB charging E-cigs, it seems like More and more USB devices are coming loaded with malware or viruses. Not that I find my self plugging random usb devices into my computer all the time but how would you protect your self or friends from this? Do you guys have any idea how these devices get infected? I can't imagine they would leave the factory with pre-installed shenanigans or maybe a third party distributor puts it on the device. Either way I would hope there are laws in play to prevent this.

I don't know of any laws to prevent this. And there have been rumors of agencies using this type of tactic to get spyware on peoples PC's. I don't know if it was ever proven, but I remember reading about it.
On a funny but possibly relevant note - you could always use USB condoms.


Now that the last statement there has sunk in check it out here - http://syncstop.com/

or here -  http://int3.cc/products/usbcondoms

For charging of devices and not wanting to potentially infect either the device or the PC these seem like a good idea.