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UEFI "boot loop" when enabling secure boot

I am (for various reasons) trying to enable secure boot. When doing so through UEFI, the next boot I’ll get no screen while it seems the BIOS is “boot looping”. The fans will ramp up and down, and I’ll never get anywhere. The only way to recover is through BIOS flashback/qflash/whatever it’s called, for some reason clearing CMOS does nothing.

HW is :
Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite (currently on F33g, although same issue with older firmware, no problem running with CSM disabled other then slow response in UEFI)
Zotac 3080 (although I had the same issue when attempting with old 1070 SC)
850W PSU (someone will mention it, it’s not a power issue)
Both monitors are connected via DP

As for when/if I can get past this, I’m running Arch with TKG kernel, all external modules (nvidia various, nzxt-kraken2, it87) are signed with module.sig_enforce enabled already. The ESP’s signed and keys enrolled via sbctl. Also have a Win10 install thrown onto a spare SSD that I’ll need to convert.

If anyone else has experienced/fixed this themselves, any info would be appreciated.


Did you setup Secure Boot in Arch? (installed Keys…) it’s not a one klick Operation in BIOS to enable SecureBoot as far as i know.

Yes I mention that farther down in the post. Keys were created, ESP’s signed, keys enrolled. The problem is I can’t even get that far. On next boot after switching on secure boot in UEFI there’s nothing. Black screen, there’s no BIOS logo, the keyboard/mouse appear dead, it just cycles (fans speed up/slow down) like it’s got a bad BIOS flash.