Udoo X86 Bolt SBC! Ryzen V1000?! Yes Please!

I have stumbled across a new product from a very successful startup company, and it is something I have been hoping to see since the launch of the Ryzen V1000 Horned Owl line. An SBC based on V1000 Ryzen. The Udoo X86 Bolt:

They have well surpassed their goal with 55 days still to go as of the day of this post. Every board they have produced has been a success, and I would not expect this one to be any different. Capable of driving four 4k displays, Vega 8 graphics, USB C, tons of I/O for making and tinkering, Arduino on board, Powerful enough for most peoples computing needs in a package less than 5" x 5". Kewl, man.

I’d think that a 2400G and an ITX motherboard would be far more powerful and still be cheaper than the V8, only losing in size (~20 in^2 larger) and power consumption.

The Udoo is neat because it’s a bunch of stuff all in one package, but if the primary use is computing then I think it might be a better value to go ITX.

(Disregarding that Vega 8 certainly isn’t going to be doing modern AAA gaming with good graphics and/or high resolution)

I totally agree, but for those into robotics, Arduino, automation, or tinkering in general this board will be of great interest to many.

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I’m still hesitant because even after adding a full Arduino Leonardo an ITX bundle still looks to be ~$30 cheaper overall depending on locale.

Ehh, it’ll work for people that it works for I suppose.

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