ud3h vs ud4h vs vi hero

I am planning to build an new pc and my main concern is the motherboard selection.My purpose is gaming and best overclocking performance.I have read somewhere that the UD4H offers more vrms than the UD3H and the same vrms with UD5H.So I am between UD3H AND UD4H.So what do you think would be the best choice?I also have in my mind Asus vi hero.If you have any other suggestions I am glad to hear.The other components of my build is :
Intel i7-4770k
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 760 4GB GDDR5 GV-N760OC-4GD
Corsair Force LS 2,5" SSD 120 GB

From the looks of things, the UD4H might be the best bet for value.  However, I am a big fan of the Hero. I have never seen such a polished uefi Bios.  For overclocking, don't go with the UD3H.

I quite like the Hero's onboard sound, and it is good for overclocking. It's a pretty reasonably priced motherboard.

You might also consider the MSI motherboards at the same price point. Which would include the MPower.

And don't mind me if I say this; you could save a lot of money by purchasing 1600 RAM and an i5. That's all you really need for gaming. You could purchase a better GPU, which will make it a really balanced system.

+1, i would go for the Hero or the Msi mpower boards. you will reach decent overclocks on those boards but they are semi highend!!,if you want realy "the best" overclocking performance, then you need a highend board, like the Asus Maximus OC formula or extreme, or the Msi Xpower. or gigabyte z87X-OC force. But thease boards are rediculous expensive. But the Asus Maximus VI OC Formula is realy a sick looking board.

by the way buying that much more expensive  GTX760 4GB is also a bit of a waste. i would personaly buy a R9-280X for the same price comes standard with 3GB of vram, but its just a better overall performing card then a GTX760, in my opinnion, the GTX760 4GB is not powerfull enough for its money.

But for a Motherboard i would go with the Hero or msi mpower. like Berserker said.