Ubuntu won't install

First time posting here so I don’t know if I’m doing this right anyways I been having issues to install Ubuntu on my machine I can run it on a VM no issues but if I try to install it I never get any where I only get a black screen. The only one that it kind of works it’s pop os I can actually run the installer but after it’s done and it reboots I get a black screen again and it just sits there.
I have the latest bios

My hardware is
Asus strix b350 f gaming
R9 3900x
Rtx 2080 super
Ram 16g kit from corsair

Does pressing ctrl-alt-f1 get you a console window? (you can get back to the X-session with ctrl-alt-F7)

If so it looks like it’s an issue with your graphics setup, given how recent the card is I’d bet on the driver.

You can try booting with the “nomodeset” option to see if it’s a video driver issue.

I’ve run into issues with both Nvidia and AMD GPUs where the screen only displays black as soon as the card-specific framebuffer takes over.

Booting with nomodeset, and then applying updates usually resolves it. Most distros don’t regenerate their install images when bugfixes get applied to those packages.

I have problems with my 2080ti and most linux distros because nouveau doesnt seem to be working correctly with them.

The nomodeset fix is the go to for this situation until you can get the nvidia drivers installed.

Check this out to see how:

FWIW mint worked flawlessly for me first time. You might try that just to see. Its pretty much ubuntu with some tweaks.

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