Ubuntu window manager

hey I am looking for window managers for ubuntu and where do i get them?

AwesomeWM and i3 are amazing :P But really only look at WM's if you don't like what a DE offers you. I would be using AWM on my machine for streaming if it had window centering

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Take a look here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Window_manager

Then all you need to do is google whatever you like followed by ubuntu. You might find guides on their websites too.

If your workflow does not define the use of a tiling window manager, do not use one. Because the people that make their workflow define them to use a Tiling Window Manager, they turn into jerks because of the pain and suffering they are going thru, trying to use a tiling window manager for non tiling things.

Anyway here is an Ubuntu article on how to switch to different window managers:

I would recommend using enlightenment, it is Amurcian made, and gets financing by Samsung. It is low on ram and is fast. Although it is rather ugly and all the themes for it are ugly, so if you want beauty don't use it.

If you want beauty use Openbox.