Ubuntu upgrade failed and now I can't do anything

I was upgrading my system from 18.10 to 19.04 and my PC froze part way through the upgrade and now my entire Ubuntu install is borked. I’m not sure what to do as I’m a noob to Linux. My desktop environment is completely corrupted and unusable and when I try and boot after about 5 seconds at the desktop I get logged out. Is there a way to boot into a previous version or repair the install? I don’t really want to install the os again.

Drop to tty with Ctrl alt f2 and see if you can finish the release upgrade like you were doing. do-release-upgrade -m desktop

Also I’d backup your stuff while you’re there and prepare to reinstall.

Do I access tty from grub? Also I can’t boot into recovery. It just locks up.

What actually happens when you boot normally?

It boots normally except when I get to the login screen is all messed up as if resources required for the interface are missing or corrupt. I can login but the user interface isn’t useable and it will log me out after a few seconds. I tried to boot into recovery and repair damaged packages but all I can do is begin initialization of ramdisk them it locks up.

Boot normally and when you get to the login screen hit Ctrl alt f2. It should drop to tty and ask you to log in there.

I just tried that and the screen goes purple and nothing happens. :frowning:

Well then I’m sorry to say, shits fucked yo.

Also I tried to reinstall Ubuntu and it crashes with errors. It says I have partitions mounted to the same point and asks me to fix it but when it shows the partitions in the setup it immediately crashes.

Boot live and copy your stuff you want to keep. It’s time to reinstall.

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Yea I was afraid it was gonna come to that. I had everything setup the way I wanted it but I guess I’ll have to redo all that. Thanks anyways.

I can help if you need it. What do you think caused the freeze in the first place? I’ve been having mixed results with the latest versions of Ubuntu.

Back when I was new using Ubuntu, I wanted to back my stuff up before an update so I did sudo mv /home/adubs /external/drive, but because I did mv and not cp it borked everything. I was forced to reinstall at that point because I didn’t know how to fix it.