Ubuntu touch 1.0

Ubuntu 's touch 1.0 is available for download . They recommend that you use only Nexus devices and of course you must use ubuntu. The process involves the command line etc. very easy.


Here's the link:


I should get a nexus...

I really do hope that they branch out more to other tablets and phones. I personally am waiting for a ubuntu version that works with the ASUS 10.1" Memo Pad.

looks like an android rom to me, might check it out later with the multiboot twrp.

I'm not sure you have to use ubuntu to install, as long as you have the android sdk and drivers it should work. With multiboot twrp you should be able to flash it from within twrp, as to make use of the actual multiboot function.

If only it was available on top of bada. I could reincarnate my samsung wave 2 lol :D

I'd like to see how well it works, i'm really looking forward for another OS to compete and possibly change a little of the competition.  Ubuntu is quite a staple in linux and works quite well.  I'm pretty sure Ubuntu Touch will be a great success for the linux/android community.

This has been out for a while, and is not really functional at all.

It's not an android rom at all. I have tried the preview on my (original) nexus7 and you could indeed install that with TWRP and dualboot, however the preview wasn't really useful, might go take a look if they have the "full" release in simple flash formats. The Ubuntu way of installing is the official way though, but I don't see any difference with the flash method in the end result.

The preview was rather disappointing with barely any working apps to mess around with.

Of course it is, as discussed before on the forum, it's just a chroot on an older version of cyanogenmod.

If you want real functionality with a phone, forget Ubuntu, go for Arch or OpenSuSE on your PC with KDE, and download the KDE Connect app from the Playstore for free, and enjoy real phone/PC connectivity that actually worksd and that isn't spyware like Ubuntu...

I've just received my Jolla phone today with Sailfish OS, compatible with linux, Tizen, Maego, Mer, Android, etc... still have to start playing with it though. Now that's a real alternative phone operating system, entirely open source, and without spyware.

People would just buy anything they see in a magazine, on TV or on YouTube lol, incredible...

When are we getting Arch Touch for phones?

What I remember is it starting out as a chroot on CM but I thought they moved away from that, at least that was the intention afaik oO Last time I tried it it claimed it didn't need Android to boot anymore, so if it is Android that makes for some confusing bullcrap.

I don't need or want pc connectivity, I want a better OS than java crap. Guess that's a no no then, oh well.


Edit: after finding the -outdated- thread about Ubuntu Touch where you came to the conclusion it's just a chroot in Android with a link to the FAQ stating so, your info is basically outdated, or they're lying on their site. The updated version of the FAQ ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/FAQ#How_is_Ubuntu_Touch_connected_to_Android.3F ) says this:

Initially the independent open source project CyanogenMod which is based on Android and tries to improve and extend the existing Android Basis has been taken by the developers as a kind of underlaying basis for Ubuntu Touch. The kernel and a few low level drivers for network, video, audio and some other hardware features were taken, all the higher level parts have been taken out. On top of this the whole Ubuntu was started in an chroot environment.

Over time this model was changed in a way that Ubuntu now is the underlying Operating System and the few remaining Android bits are started inside an lxc container during boot. A more detailed techinical description can be found on the ContainerArchitecture page.

So what I'm gathering from it is just the way I already thought. It doesn't start from a chroot inside Android anymore, but it appears to still need "some Android bits".

Seems like you can't call it Android anymore unless you have proof to the oposite (I couldn't find any right away but my google-fu is messed up these days).

Thanks for the link, yes I don't follow up on Canonical's shenanigans, lolz, I just avoid anything from Canonical like the Black Plague.

So the kernel they use is an old Ubuntu kernel and they use a few stripped bits from an old 32-bit Ubuntu Core maybe also, just enough to run lxc, which is a chroot on steroids, and offers no security features. They probably just run some kernel on the device, autostart a few LXC's, one of which starts Ubuntu in an lxc (a chroot with direct kernel access), and one starts Dalvik+android in an lxc (a chroot with direct access to the same kernel). Great Canonical, so you've exposed your kernel directly? Wow, what a solution... as if their spyware wasn't bad enough... you really can't trust Canonical with anything lolz... such a waste of resources and security, incredible, at least a chroot from within Android was manageable, now it's really FUBARed...


By the way, Sailfish OS is great, incredible, andcompletely open source and free of spyware.

Oh, and the Jolla phone is real, it actually exists, it was successfully funded publicly, and they have kept their promises. It really feels like a Nokia 5110, it's easy to use, not expensive, very fast and intuitive, and is just compatible with anything you can throw at it, I'm really impressed so far with the Jolla. This is just a new norm, you can just feel it when you touch it, it's the next phase in smartphones, no proprietary crap, better performance with normal hardware that doesn't eat through batteries too fast, interchangeable scratch surface (half of the shell is interchangeable, just like with the Nokia 5110 a long time ago). When this takes off, and the price comes down to about 250 EUR, Jolla is going to rule the world, and it's already compatible with the major future post-Google/Microsoft operating systems: Linux/Tizen.

As for now, I don't care much about sailfish, tizen, or whatever else there is or is about to be, as none of those will run on my current devices. As it stands I'll probably manage at least one more year with my current devices so when the time comes to upgrade there'll be more to judge on. (Though sailfish spoke more to me than tizen for some reason -other than it's not Samsung(/Intel)- but a lot could happen in a year). I do hope the Firefox OS fails as hard as it deserves. HTML5 apps, please. That's even worse than Java!