Ubuntu Throws a bunch of "Error Encountered" Messages at start up

I just (re-)installed Ubuntu on my workstation, and I’m having trouble with getting a bunch of “Ubuntu experienced an internal error” messages on boot. When I look into the underlying error message I see:

watchdog: BUG: soft lockup - CPU#10 stuck for 22s! [Xorg:1431]

Nothing super terrible seems to happen, but sometimes I get them one after another for a couple minutes.

I’ve googled around and there seems to be a bug with a similar error message where users can’t boot into ubuntu when using nvidia + the nouveau drivers, but I’m using the nvidia proprietary drivers, and even before I install them, my machine boots.

I’ve reinstalled Ubuntu a couple times, but it always comes back. Usually, Ill be able to boot the machine fine like 3 times (as I’m installing all my software) before it sets in.

I thought it might have to do with setting screen scaling to something other than 100%, but I’ve also experienced it with no screen scaling at all.

I’m considering switching to an AMD card for my video out, I’ll report back if that changes anything.

You need to fully blacklist nouveau. It’s a kernel driver so it tries to load before the nvidia driver. If they didn’t do blacklisting correctly, it will still try to load nouveau.

I guarantee you if you switch to a GCN 2+ card from AMD none of those issues will happen.