Ubuntu: the downfall picks up pace

Canonical will be abolishing the Ubuntu Brainstorm project, which is the communication channel between Canonical and the community with regards to features and ideas for Ubuntu.

This is a quote from their Staff Meeting:

= Brain storm review =
 * Due to radically decreasing interest from both Ubuntu developers (judging by the decrease of answers) as well as users (judging by the decreasing number of voters) the TB feels that it is time to end brainstorm.ubuntu.com and its regular review.
 * The sole remaining maintainer (Stephane Graber) as well as the Ubuntu community QA team (who founded this service initially), represented by Jorge Castro and Nicholas Skaggs, all agree.
 * ACTION: Jorge to check whether brainstorm.ubuntu.com could be kept as a read-only archive, and otherwise shut it down.

They say that the interest from both Ubuntu developers and users is radically decreasing, and they want to shut it down.


Also, KDE has stated that they will probably not be offering Mir (Canonical's alternative to X.org/Wayland that noone else supports) compatibility. So Kubuntu will probably end also. Question is if Mint will be able to survive if Ubuntu's goal is to shut down all community distributions that are based on Ubuntu, but main question is whether or not Ubuntu will survive it's antisocial behaviour with regards to a community developed platform, because that's what linux/GNU/Linux is after all.

Quote from Martin Grässlin, the maintainer of KDE:

I’m not really optimistic that it will still be possible to provide the Ubuntu flavors once the transition to Mir is done. I don’t think that Canonical has any interest in the community provided distributions on top of Ubuntu any more.

On top of all that, Canonical is also trying to move away from Firefox in Ubuntu, and offer it's own "Ubuntu Touch" browser based on Google's open source Chromium project. Yeah...

Ubuntu has been going downhill really fastlately. Amazon integration, cutting support for older GPUs [my HD3870 is not working in 12.10+, neither with AMD legacy nor the ones provided by Ubuntu, instaling old xorg is a rather unusable experience aswell].

Ubuntu is mutating to an ad-spaming "OS" that is not valuing the ideology of GNU/Linux anymore. I think the Steam support and the popularity they gained has gotten to their brain and I will be looking into other Distros soon. And trying to cut out Mint... WTF is wromg with them? Hopefully Google cuts Goobuntu soon and they will be taught their lesson...






No respect for ubuntu after 10.04lts ...i will stick to debian 

Looks like a decent alternative. Anyone knows if I can keep my DejaDup backups or will I have to do them again?

DejaDup is a gtk app, so it's going to work on any distro with gtk. The ironic thing is: if there is any distro that it will not be compatible with anymore, it's likely to be Ubuntu itself lol.

Thx ^^

Any suggestions for a decent distro?

Was thinking of Debian / OpenSUSE, any more ideas? Didn't like Fedora all that much ^^

Yeah, if you're used to DEB-based distros, best to stick with them. If I were a Ubuntu or Mint user now, I would definitely change to Debian, it's new, fresh, works great, and comes with Gnome Shell 3 as standard, so gtk3 support is default.

Cool thx, I'll switch to Debian in the near future [once I'm done with my exams] ^^

Take your time, it's not like Ubuntu is going to push their new packages right away, in the end, the only reason Canonical does all of this is so that they can honor the contract they have with Valve to supply an operating system for the Steam Box and Steam gaming tablets. It's a good move by Gabe Newell, Canonical picks up the tab of developing the operating system/steam commerce platform he needs, and after they have accomplished that, they will be left behind starving, and Valve can maybe buy Canonical for a discount price. Gabe Newell is the reincarnation of either Sun Tsu or Macchiavelli lol

The answer to this problem? Arch. Arch Linux is far superior to Ubuntu, with modern support and the most efficient design of all modern distros. I tried Ubuntu, and have tried all of their newer versions as they come out, only to find what I already knew - ever since 11.04, things have been crap. I miss brown Ubuntu! Manjaro is a really great alternative to the standard installation of Arch (which can be quite daunting) - if you want the most power, go for Arch.

Canonical will be abolishing the Ubuntu Brainstorm project

Oh noooo! ... wait, who actually used that? And did anything from there ever resulted in something? I don't think so.

Also, KDE has stated that they will probably not be offering Mir (Canonical's alternative to X.org/Wayland that noone else supports) compatibility. So Kubuntu will probably end also.

Wrong conclusion. Mir has to use something like xwayland to be compatible with all programs, so X will stay there for another decade at least. Kwin has X support and thus will work even if Ubuntu decides to use Mir (which will be an experimental backend in 13.10).


So yeah, don't panic. The core is still pretty damn good.

I have started installing Arch a while ago, but somehow got stuck in the middle and just kept on trying other distros ^^' I had not read up on Arch, installed it, and thought it was broken cause I couldn't get to the GUI lol

Should have read up on it a little before installing ^^

pic related:


i wish they'd stop going backward with this