Ubuntu task manager & device manager


Hi, just downloaded Ubuntu 12.10 Desktop i386 ISO and threw it on a USB drive.

I chose the try option just to run it off the USB stick because i just want to see what the Linux fuss is all about.

Works well and everything but i cant find the equivalent to device manager.

I just wanted to see the devices it found and didn't find and also drivers it allocated.

All I can get out of it is : CPU type total RAM and video card.

Also I cant find a task manager/resource monitor equivalent.. I just want to see CPU usage at idle and while running certain application tests and also number of processes running in the background and what they are. I wanted to see how it is managing memory also but again couldn't find any interface to do so.

I was under the impression that Linux was all about not dumbing things down not hiding important information and not insulting your intelligence.

Please guys did I miss something in the UI or do we not have these tools built into Ubuntu?

im not sure abut device manager but the equivelent for task mangaer should be system monitor, that will also display the processes.

ok ty I'll look for System Monitor

Do you know what the equivalent to msconfig and regedit is also?

Linux doesnt use a registry so there is no regedit, as far as msconfig the closest thing ive seen is an application call bum (Boot-up Manager), I havent used t very much but if your in doubt google it ubuntu has a very good community.

Also check out Disk utility (palimpsest at the command line) which has really good information about your hard drives.  I seem to remember a fully fledged device manager in KDE (maybe in SuSE linux).  However I've been using gnome for so long now I can't remember where to find it. KDE is more windows like interface though so shouldn't be too hard.

If you want to and while you're just playing about you should be able to install KDE on your linux (or install Kubuntu to get it out of the box), I'm sure you can work it out using the GUI but if you want to do it command line styles should be able to do <code>sudo apt-get install kde</code> or similar. 

You might find you like it better than Gnome!

Thanks for the info guys... I'll look into it.

I googled how to see devices and drivers allocated and apparently there is something called gnome device manager.

Or I can type sudo lshw in the terminal.

I spose I thought by now these kind of tools would be built into the distro in a gui form, but its cool I'll have a good look into linux never the less.

From what I've seen so far.. allot of the powerful commands and tools are still command line inputs from the terminal.

There is a chance Logan is going to do some Linux videos soon apparently... should be interesting.


Yeah in Linux the most powerfull thing is the Terminal, you can do almost anything in it.

If you search for a while you should almost always be able to find a frontend to a terminal script or something but after a while you will learn enough to be able to cut out the middle man and just use the terminal your self.