Ubuntu server help

Good Afternoon


                So I did a fresh install of Ubuntu server on a stand alown pc.  There is no other OS on it, but I get “No boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed”. I am at a loss I have posted a lik to a screen shot of the error





Check if all disks are connected, try to boot explicitly from each disk. If it doesn't start there is a problem with the MBR and you are pretty much screwed up and should try to reinstall. Try to understand where the installation wants to put GRUB and the MBR.

Did you allow it to install GRUB at the end of the install?

It looks like it is trying to boot from the network...

This can be cause by No bootloader or a dead and/or dying HDD.

I would recommed you try this. (I know it says recover ubuntu after windows install but it will work the same way)

If that does not work it is a dead HDD or something wrong in your bios.