Ubuntu Server 18.04 w/Xeon E5640 & Supermicro X8STi EIST boost question

I’ve had this setup for a while now and it states that it will boost up to 2.8ghz and 2.933ghz for 3 - 4 and 1 - 2 cores respectively but I have NEVER seen it above 2.66ghz. This does NOT use the intel_pstate governor set but rather acpi_cpufreq since it is pre-Sandy Bridge and it is still using the Ondemand governor.
Should I have seen this at SOME point?
I am using it as a Samba server, Plex server, Nextcloud server, and Transmission client and I HAVE seen it running at 2.66ghz but NEVER above. Do you think it is really using more than 4 threads, basically ALL of the time running those things? I realize that Nextcloud runs with LAMP, etc., but it just seems that it would occasionally boost higher, no?
I will be replacing it with an X5680 when it arrives but I am expecting it to not boost beyond the stock speed then as well. Any advice or am I expecting too much or underestimating the number of cores typically in use?
I run this with Webmin and there is no GUI on the machine itself, and i plan to keep it that way (if that matters).

You did check that is it enabled in the BIOS? Also, do you have EIST speedstep on? Turbo does not work without it.

Yes to both questions. It doesn’t appear to be bios related from what I can see.