Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS Raid1 Install /boot Issue UEFI

Hello folks,

I am installing Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS on my home server system and would like to RAID1 my 120GB Kingston SSD’s. Now, I understand that the boot partition cannot be on a software raid, as it has to be on a physical local disk. I’ve done that, but the installer does not let me proceed, giving me a warning along the lines of:

Must mount a partition of a local disk to /boot

However, I’ve mounted a 512MB fat32 partition to /boot/efi. In fact, if I mark the empty disk as a boot device, the installer automatically creates and mounts the same partition.

Below is a picture of my partition scheme in the installer:

The 512MB partition on the second disk is for a fallback to install/copy bootloader files to in the event of a disk failure.