Ubuntu SDK & stock data

So I'm interested in exploring the Ubuntu SDK and I thought stock data would be interesting and useful to base an application on.

Stock data I can find through internet search appears to be focused on realtime updates. So my question is where can I bulk download historical stock data from for free? I'm interested in all markets; the more I have the better.

Also if you are an investor what data views would you like to see? If im going to do an opensource project and give it away for free I may as well make it useful to somebody

I didn't even know there was one.
As for stock data. I'm not sure. You can aggregate plenty of end of day stock data, but anything else I think you tend to have to pay for some way or another. Do you just need historical data?

Google lets your download historical data, but only by company.


you could probably write something to work through it and download them all.

thanks yea i dont mind downloading individually.
And youre right about having to pay for data, thats why im hitting up internet forums