Ubuntu phone

Hey, guys I really value your opinions and so I was wondering how do you feel about the Ubuntu phone possibilty for Verion?

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I think it's awesome. From what I have seen, it holds many similarities to Android and if one doesn't like it, they can go back to Android. so I will definitely be trying that out when I jump from iOS to Android

I agree with most definitley because andrioid is basically linux and ubuntu can offer new phone experience that can always beat stock android for example linux is virus free (well kinda ) and so it can use that as a marketing edge , hey full article here:http://www.theverge.com/2013/7/11/4515012/verizon-joins-ubuntu-feedback-group-launch-partner-potential


each of them are exactly as "linux" as the other, besides nothing is safe from a good virus programmer, unless there's relitivly few people to take advantage of

though i'm quite looking forward to seeing the final release of this