Ubuntu partition and Usb boot/live disk no loading working

So i have been running a dual boot set up of ubuntu and windows on my laptop and suddenly tonight both my usb boot disk and the partition its self just loads to a black screen.

Grub seems to be working fine as my windows partition boots fine. Im completely stumped
My laptop is a Lenovo yoga 720

I would start with figuring out why the usb liveboot stick doesn’t work.

  • Might fix the partition boot problem
  • With the stick you can try the easy Boot-Repair

Unfortunately all I came up with is checking some BIOS settings like Secure Boot Disabled, Boot Mode which depends on your install, USB Boot Enabled, and things like that.

Just to be sure. Have you cheched that the boot stick works or as I understood that boot stick is the same one you installed Ubuntu with? And you haven’t changed the boot stick in any way?

I’ll try those boot settings when I try next. The first USB boot stick I tried I know works since I used to install my desktop this week. And I tried making a second innrufus but neither worked