Ubuntu out of box support for Surface Pro 3

I swore I read somewhere that ubuntu was working on out of the box support for the Surface Pro 3 but I can't find where I read that. It was awhile ago that i read this so I was trying see if there was any progression on this. I know it can be done but last I read it was a bit challenging getting the keyboard working. Anybody have info on this or want to help point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.

There were a few of the advances in kernel 4.8 for surface 3 (as far I can see is for the non pro) as mentioned here. Possibly also contains pro version improvements.

As for the keyboard, not sure. Archlinux wiki says you have to shutdown the surface.

Doesn't look like native support yet but promising that it is really just adding a repository and then installing the "app". I might just get one if the prices are low enough.


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Wow, M$ playing nice with Ubuntu...